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Horse #2 (Galloping)
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by: Al LaFleche [ AJLAFLECHE ]


Here is a new release from the VLS line Streets of Laredo simply called Horse #2 (Galloping), product code SR54008. The sculptor is listed as Douglas Lee.

The Kit

The kit comes packed in a single zip-lock bag inside an acetate clamshell box with a photo of the painted and assembled kit on the front. The kit consists of 7 cream colored resin parts. There are no instructions, but assembly is very intuitive.

The head/neck has a full harness but no bits are included (Picture 1). The builder will have to scratch build these or get a set of photo etched ones from Nimix. There is a considerable pour plug with a brace connecting under the chin. This will require careful sawing to avoid damaging the chin. There is also a flash of resin between the ears crossing the forelock (Picture 2). The mane has both good texture and presents a nice feeling of action.

The left body half (picture 3) has four pour plugs to clean up and a large film of excess resin. There are considerable plugs of excess resin and mold gaps under the chest that will need putty and sanding to clean up (Picture 4). In general, the anatomy seems pretty good.

The right body half (picture 5) has three pour plugs and less molding flaws to correct. Again, a large film of resin indicates the molds are not closing super tight.

The inside of the body have tabs and slots to produce a very good match (Picture 6). The rump will need minimal attention to hide the seam.

The builder will have to do some significant work to blend the neck to the chest as several gaps are evident (Picture 7).

The tail has good texture and no immediately apparent issues (Picture 8).

The saddle has a large pour plug with a brace to the pommel (Picture 9). Cleaning this will be something of a challenge.

The stirrups have their pour plugs at the base of the stirrup with a film of resin in the center. This will require careful clean up again (Picture 10).


My overall impression is that this is a pretty good sculpt that is marred by poor casting quality and excessive pour plugs. Adding the kit to a base will require a rod be placed up the right foot to provide strength and stability. While this is a simple kit, cleanup issues will make it a product for the more experienced builder.

Highs: Generally good anatomy, good fit between body halves.
Lows: Numerous large pour plugs, several major mold misalignment issues.
Verdict: This will be a decent kit for someone willling to put in the time to carefully clean it up.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: SR54008
  Suggested Retail: 17.98 USD
  PUBLISHED: Mar 19, 2007
  NATIONALITY: United States

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