In-Box Review
Beduin with Camel

by: James Porter [ PHANTOM_MAJOR ]

There are two figures in this kit; one is of a Arab nomad which Verlinden have decided is a member of the Bedouin tribe of desert dwellers although they have spelt the name wrong on the front of the box. The other figure is that of a camel, which is in a sitting position and has a saddle and baggage attached. There several parts to this kit that will leave you guessing as to what they are for but they actually make up part of the saddle for the Arabic figure to sit in, even though this figure is in a standing position.

These figures have been carefully manufactured and have no errors in their casting that I can see, and no air bubbles or broken sections. I had ordered these through the Historex website and they arrive very quickly and in good order, an excellent company that I have used in the past to great effect.

Proís & Conís
These figures by Verlinden are great and they are cast to an exceptional standard although I did have problems with the Arabic figures left arm and it did need a fair amount of putty to fill the gap at the rear of his torso. This again would add to a diorama or be useful in a grander scheme, I plan to use mine in the under the sun campaign and I dare say you will be seeing the results in a few weeks.

The down side is that there are no instructions with this kit and only the picture on the box to go on as to how these figures go together. It is also rather expensive set for what you actually get and could do with being reduced in price by a fair amount. I feel that this will not be one of their most popular sets and will probably disappear from their catalogue in the near future.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 1738
  Suggested Retail: GBP 22.45
  PUBLISHED: Dec 01, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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