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US Military Police - Nam
US Military Police - Nam
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]


Another useful two-figure Vietnam War kit with a different theme from BRAVO-6. This time Vladimir sculpted complementary figures which will be used with a M151A1 Ford Mutt.
B6-35041 US MILITARY POLICE-NAM includes a driver and a strong posing MP figure in typical personal gear. Boxart helmet decal depicts the figures are the members 18th MP Brigade, 95th Military Police Battalion and the decals for 716th Battalion which played an important role on Tet offensive are also given on the same decal sheet..

The figures come well packed in standard light brown cardboard box of the company in 50x80x25 mm dimensions. The front part of the box shows a photo of the assembled and painted figures which can serve as a basic painting guide. As a nice gesture, boxart also shows the decals used on figures in numbers on the decal sheet.
The parts are represented with the casting blocks. Body parts are seperately inserted in small plastic zip-lock bags to avoid unexpected damages during transfer or storage and small parts like arms, personal gear and helmets are secured in a different plastic bag.

Both of the figures are sculpted by Russian master sculptor and owner of BRAVO-6 Vladimir Demchenko and come in medium grey resin parts. The resin quality is really good and details are very crisp. No air bubbles, excess resin or any casting mistakes on the figures. The junctions between figure parts and casting blocks are well placed and the parts can be easily removed from the blocks with no damage. The figures are again almost ready to prime figures with no or very small need for a cleanwork.


The figure comes in 5 pieces. The main part is Body with legs, head and left arm.. He shows a strong pose with a boss look on face. The facial details and hair are well defined, top of the head is carved for the good fit of the helmet. Over his OD T-shirt, he wears 3rd pattern tropical combat uniform in rip-stop cotton-poplin with four-pocket jacket with shoulder straps and two side cargo pocket trousers. As for the footgear; he has leather-canvas combined jungle boots though black leather boots were also common on MP units. Cloth folds, pocket details and name tags are well represented on the uniform. He has a whistle attached to his left breast pocket and secured to the left shoulder strap with a cord. Most of the personal gear are cast on the figure. He has a canvas utility belt with a wide metal buckle. A canvas M1956 Compass pouch usually used to carry field dressing in it is attached to the belt on the right side and a Leather two-pocket pistol ammo case is on the left side. On the left back, he has a leather handcuff case and a nightstick holder. Left arm is posed to put his hand on his waist. MP Shoulder brassard, posing of fingers, wedding ring and wrist watch are well defined. MP and 18th MP Brigade shoulder sleeve insignia will be added to the brassard.
  • Right arm : Posed to carry M16A1 rifle. It shows nice cloth folds and rifle details are well defined. Be careful when removing the rifle from casting block, I advice you to cut the thin part holding the muzzle first.
  • Pistol : He carries a .45 caliber M1911A1 Colt pistol in its M1916 holster
  • Baton nightstick : It will be attached to the holder on the left hip.
  • Helmet : He wears a Black M1 Steel helmet with 2.25 inch high white MP letters on the front and 1.25 inch band divided white above red. On the left side of the liner is the units numerical designation on white ( 716 or 95 for this kit) and on the right side insignia of the 18th MP Brigade.


    Posed to sit on the driver seat putting his hand on the steering wheel, it comes in 5 pieces. Main part is Body with head and legs. Facial details are well represented. He has tropical combat uniform with trotters inserted into jungle boots. Over his uniform, he wears a M69 Flak jacket. The M-1969 flak vest differs from M-1952 flak vest mainly in the addition of a 3/4 length, six ply collar with three sections of protective filling. There were 12 sections of ballistic nylon in the front and upper back, two in the lower back, and an additional two down the length of the spine. The shoulder straps of the M-1952 were gone from the design, but there were stitched interior panels. The collar was disliked by the troops because it would interfere with the M-1 steel helmet, if worn.Details of the vest like side straps, pockets, wrist watch attached over the left pocket and utility belt seen under the vest are well defined.
  • Right arm : Posed to put his hand on the steering wheel.
  • Left arm : Posed to put his elbow on the back of the seat. Shoulder brassard and cloth folds are well represented .
  • M1911A1 Colt pistol in its M1916 holster
  • M1 helmet with Mitchell pattern canvas cover. He carries a Goggles used for sun,wind and dust and a Bugjuice/Insect Repellent is attached to his helmet band.

  • A water-slide decal sheet with different types of name tags,ranks, insignia and MP symbols is given inside the kit.
    about the kit

    The 716th Military Police Battalion of 18th MP Brigade was the Army’s first unit to deploy to South Vietnam in 1965. The Battalion provided military police support to 4 separate corps areas spanning the entire country. As additional Military Police units arrived, the Battalion's area of responsibility changed until eventually the Battalion was responsible for the metropolitan areas of Saigon and Cholon. Law enforcement missions conducted by the Battalion included traffic operations, personal security details, anti-black marketing operations in conjunction with host nation police, and maintenance of law and order for US military personnel. Additionally, the Battalion conducted static and mobile security patrols to prevent and respond to Viet Cong terrorist attacks against US facilities and personnel. These attacks included drive by shootings of US service members and bombings of facilities such as the US Embassy.
    The Battalion's most important contribution to the US war effort was its courageous defense of Saigon during the 1968 Tet Offensive. The Tet offensive, which began in the early morning hours of 31 January 1968, was an all out communist attack throughout the whole of Vietnam. The North Vietnamese violated the Tet holiday cease-fire in order to gain surprise against US and South Vietnamese forces. Although US intelligence anticipated the cease-fire would be violated, no one expected an all out attack within the city of Saigon.US forces were on alert and expected isolated terrorists attacks but they faced 4,000 Viet Cong guerillas, many of who had infiltrated Saigon during holiday festivities and were nearly indistinguishable from the local populace. In the early morning hours of 31 January 1968, these forces attacked facilities throughout Saigon almost simultaneously. The most famous action during the Tet offensive occurred at the US Embassy and 716th MP played a big role on the defense of embassy by defeating the assaults outright or delaying the enemy long enough for combat arms forces to arrive. Although trained as police and insufficiently armed for combat operations, soldiers of the Battalion met the enemy in 10 major and countless smaller engagements at a cost of 27 military police killed and 44 wounded. For the actions of its soldiers during the Tet Offensive, President Nixon awarded the Battalion the Presidential Unit Citation.

    Absolutely another MUST for Nam modelers who wants to build a M151A1 Ford Mutt with figures.

    Very Highly Recommended
    Highs: Nice poses, usual sculpting and casting quality, decals.
    Lows: No lows for this product.
    Verdict: If you have a Ford Mutt, you should get this one. :)
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: B6-35041
      PUBLISHED: Jul 21, 2011
      NATIONALITY: United States
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 95.07%

    Our Thanks to BRAVO-6!
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