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Duelling Samurai

by: kenaz raynor [ STEELDOG51 ]

Figures are perhaps my favorite model subjects of all ,unfortunately i seldom get to sit and just paint them these days .

The Samurai, I have been enthralled in since my childhood and I studied them and Japans ancient history at degree level at University.

So I was thrilled to see these new Samurai unveiled by Pegaso . They have a high degree of attention to detail not only in scale but also historical accuracy.
But just how good are these kits ? I decided to tell you about one in particular in this review.


Our subject is a circa 16th Century (Momoyama period) samurai noble, in fact this figure covers a whole range of possible time lines throughout japans rich history.

He is posed with sword at the ready preparing to parry an incoming blow perhaps ? . He wears a variation of a robe called the "Kiriginu" a type of Kimono for use by Courtiers and nobles , over this he wears amour in a short abbreviated style called "Hara-ate" literaly meaning belly plate.

He has a "Daisho" a pair of long and short swords, the social badge of the Warrior Class and on his head he wears an "ori Eboshi" or folded court cap in a style favored by samurai. This is tied beneath his chin with silken cords.

My only gripe with this figure is one glaring inaccuracy , he is barefoot ! This was considered generally bad form in polite society, and in my opinion would require some form of socks and sandals to bring this up to historically accurate standards. Tthis one small problem is only such in my personal view, and therefore is no determent to the figure, which undoubtedly can be turned into a fine figure indeed.


Upon receipt of the model one is confronted by a small yet very substantial box. Iits construction and feel oozes quality and professionalism and a nicely built and painted depiction of the kits contents is displayed on the box top to aid painting and construction .

Upon opening the box we see two thick pieces of gray polyfoam ,securely holding the softish white metal parts and protecting them and their exquisite details from any possible damage.


This Figure is sculpted by the talented hands of Victor Konnov ,the creator of many of Pegaso's historical and medieval figures, although I suspect that the samurai seem to be his specialty ?

The six parts that make up the kit are beautifully rendered with exquisitely sculpted facial features ,fine details and the most delicately realistic hands i personally have seen in quite sometime. The parts are masterfully cast with clean smooth surfaces and no discernable flash or mould lines , and from preliminary test fitting I can attest that there should be no major problems with parts fit, and very little in the way of filling to be required .

A superb cast metal base is included to display the finished figure on if so desired .This item is sculpted and detailed well enough to enable the painter if so wished to simply paint and complete a thrilling figure, and not have to indulge in the art of vignette building if they don't feel ready for that sort of thing. That helps make this figure a good start for beginners .

Also included is a sheet of Historical Text ,which is- whilst helpful ,generally found to be mostly fantastical and included inaccurate assumptions about armor construction etc ,(suggesting Whale bone and leather being the main construction materials, instead of mostly Iron Strips as it really was ). Suggestions for colors and other snippets of historical fact are very useful .


I will be posting a full build article in relation to this figure in the near future.
I'm looking forward very much to building and painting this fabulous model and for the fairly modest price i think Pegaso has given all of us history buffs a real treat .

In this range there are another two samurai subjects that Iím simply itching to build.
All are highly recommended and will certainly provide any modeler with a refreshing subject not normally this well portrayed . this figure is quite simply another shining example of Pegaso at their best .


Refreshing subject with a dynamic pose. Excellent quality in casting, and superbly masterful sculpting .


No footwear (not a real problem just a Picky Reviewer) .

Good luck and happy modeling !
I'm looking forward very much to building and painting this fabulous model and for the fairly modest price i think Pegaso has given all of us history buffs a real treat .
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: 54-175
  Suggested Retail: £16.35/$30
  PUBLISHED: Jan 23, 2005
  NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本

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