In-Box Review
Tiger I Tank Crew

by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

The box

The kit comes in a clear plastic box along with a color label showing a photo of the painted figures. The photo is important because there is no assembly guide which leaves the box art as the main construction reference (especially for the heads). Inside the box the figure parts are contained in a zip bag.
The figures

The kit includes four figures made up of 11 parts that are cast in light cream colored resin. Despite the small scale, the details are crisp and well defined . The casting blocks on the figures and the thin resin excess between the legs of the full figure is easy to clean and you shouldn’t lose any details in the cleaning process. All parts fit well and there were almost no casting issues.

Figure #1; The commander is a three-quarter figure. He comes in four pieces and is wearing a forage cap and headphones. The right hand is holding the headphone and the position of the left arm/hand indicates the figure should be placed in Tiger’s cupola with his hand on the cupola rim.

Figure#2 : the ammo loader is a full figure that comes in three pieces. He is wearing an M43 Einheitsfeldmütze field cap and headphones. There was a small hole on the left headphone but with minor putty work it was fixed.

Figures #3 and #4; The driver and co-driver are half figures and each are made up of two pieces with the arms sculpted as part of the body. The heads are separate and depict the crew wearing forage caps. Be careful to add these figures to your Tiger I before assembling the upper hull because it could be a pain to place them inside the hatches once the model is finished.

Final Verdict

Casting quality, easy clean up, easy assembly, nice detailing, and different facial expressions on each figure makes this a highly recommended set that should be useful on several different types of 1/48th scale German vehicles.

Thanks to VLS for providing the kit.
Warriors first 1/48th scale figure kit sculpted by Bill Chilstrom (WA 48001, Tiger I Crew) is a welcomed addition to small scale German figures. The figures can be used for the new release of Tamiya’s Tiger I Early Production and Skybow’s Tiger I tanks that are expected on the market shortly. But I believe these figures can also be used for a wide range of German tanks and recon vehicles.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: WA48001
  Suggested Retail: $19.95 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 10, 2005

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