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500+ Campaign Award: The award is granted to everyone registered to the campaign that successfully finishes it (build is completed in time and an image is uploaded to the campaign gallery).
Back to Basics Award:
Big Cats MK IV: This award is given to those who have completed the Big Cats MK IV campaign.
Blitz-6: For everyone who completes the campaign
KV campaign pt. 2: All those who finish the campaign within the rules and regs will receive this award. Only one award per person will be given.
Landship Campaign: This ribbon signifies that the bearer has completed the Landship Campaign
Tank Destroyer Campaign Award: this award certifies that the wearer has completed a tank destroyer during this campaign.
Trumpeter Award:
Unfinished Builds 2019: This award signifies this person completed the Unfinished Builds 2019 campaign.
Unfinished Business 2015:
UNFINISHED BUSINESS 2020: This award signifies the recipient successfully brought a 'Shelf Queen' to final, full completion
WoT Award: