England - South East, United Kingdom

Occupation: Buyer
Interests: Military Modelling, History Photography


About DaveCox
Hi, I'm a 58 year old, who like most of us hasn't really grown up! I started modelling when I was 7, with no peers or tutors - every week my pocket money was blown on a series 1 Airfix or Revell kit which took about an hour to put together. A couple of replays of the Biggles books and another one needed mending! Modelling started to take a back seat when I discovered Rock'n'Roll, motor bikes and girls. There was also a spell in the Army, but like most of us I guess the modelling bug is in the blood! I never really left it, and following problems with my eyesight have just returned from a lay-off of about a year. Currently building almost anything I can lay my hands on - from motor cycles to tanks and planes! Armorama has been my modelling club, school and online home for the last couple of years, and the members here are responsible for any improvement in my work.

My Awards

1 of ours is better than 10 of yours: A medal for completing the campaign
1st Gen Award:
Air over the Sea-Silver Wings: This award signifies this person completed Air over the Sea
Ancient Airfix: Modellers who complete their model within the time period of the campaign will be awarded the Ancient Airfix ribbon
Battle of Britain 75 ribbon: This award signifies sucessful completion of the Battle of Britain 75 Campaign.
Bend me Shape me: Award given to those who complete the campaign
Bomber Fighters ribbon:
Camouflaged Ships Campaign Award: This award is a proof that this modeler successfully finished at least one Camouflaged Ship during this Campaign.
Cave Tonitrum: This award signifies this person completed the 2009 P-47 group build Cave Tonitrum
Cross Of Jerusalem Award: This award signifies this person completed Crusades Campaign by building figure representing participant of any crusade  from Reconquista, through Holy Land to Teutonic campaigns and Hussite Wars.
Dreadnoughts! Campaign Award Ribbon: This award signifies that the bearer has successfully completed the Dreadnoughts! Campaign
End Of Days Campaign: This skull and crossbones ribbon signifies that the participant has completed at least one semi-scratchbuilt model for the EOD campaign
Extreme Trucks!: This award signifies this person completed the Extreme Trucks Campaign.
German Beauties Group Build Award: For dutifully completing at least one German Beauty and putting your efforts on display. 

Show this ribbon with pride to show you have completed everything necessary for this Group Build.
Hairy Stick: The award of this colourful ribbon indicates that this modeller has mastered the art of Hairystick Fu
Heavy Haulers: Ribbon to be awarded to all participates who complete the project on time.
Jeeps Campaign:
Korean Campaign (2005): This award signifies that this member completed the Remember Korea Campaign of 2005.
Light Tank Campaign: This award signifies this person completed the Light Tank Campaign
Lockheed campaign ribbon: for completion of the Lockheed Air and Space campaign
M S & G ribbon: This award signifies that this person completed the Mud Sweat & Gears campaign with honours.
Miniature Magic Ribbon: Awarded for the successful completion of the Miniature Magic Mission!
Op Canuck Steel: This award signifies this person has completed Op Canuck Steel.
Operation Incoming: This ribbon signifies that bearer has completed the Incoming Campaign with honor and distinction.
Operation Move It! (2004): This award signifies this member completed the Move It! Campaign Mission with full honors.
Operation Overlord: Signifies that this person completed the Operation Overlord (60th Anniversary) campaign (group build).
Over The Top award ribbon: Award blue black white and gold bands
Quiet Professionals: This award signifies this person has completed The OPERATION QUIET PROFESSIONALS campaign
Race Mania Campaign: For dutifully completing a subject that fits the three criteria set forth by the expert racing panel. Namely vivid colors, some form of striping, and having a framed number.
Remember Market Garden Campaign: A campaign dedicated to Operation Market Garden that took place in the Netherlands in September 1944.
Rotor RPM is life: This award signifies this individual has successfully completed the Rotor RPM is life campaign.
Self Propelled Indirect Fire Campaign Ribbon: This ribbon denotes the successful completion of model for the Self Propelled Indirect Fire Campaign.
Soft Skinned Award: This award signifies this person completed the Soft Skinned Campaign
Spahwagen Abteilung campaign award: This award signifies this person completed the Spahwagen Abteilung Campaign.
Spice Baby!:
SWH: This award signifies the completion of the Service With Honor campaign build, which showcases this individuals honorable service in the armed forces of his or her country.
T2K: 2005: This award signifies that the participant has completed all requirements for the Twilight 200: 2005 Defendo ad Ultimum campaign.
Tank Terror Award: This award signifies this modeler finished the Tank Terror Campaign of 2005.
Vintage and Classic Group Build: This ribbon signifies the modeler has fulfilled everything needed to finish this Group Build by making a model of a Vintage or Classic icon automobile.
Welcome to the Nam Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies that this person sucessfully completed the Welcome to the Nam campaign.
Wind in your hair: