Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Occupation: Art Director / Designer
Interests: German Groundforces WW2. Special love for the PAk36, Fieldmods, Prototypes and communications


Started modelling when I was about 7 or 8 years old had a little break in between (school, girls partying) and eventually returned when finding this site in 2002. Main interest WW2 German army, wheeled vehicles and radio and communication troops or every other thing that manages to catch my interest.

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1st Diorama Campaign: This campaign was our first diorama campaign that involved the theme of including a window in the final project.
Danny's Hat: This award signifies the user attended the Remember Market Garden Campaign Fieldtrip in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands, on February 22nd, 2004.
German Beauties Group Build Award: For dutifully completing at least one German Beauty and putting your efforts on display. 

Show this ribbon with pride to show you have completed everything necessary for this Group Build.
Get r Done  III: This ribbon signifies this person completed this campaign
get the job done:
get the job done:
KMK Scaleworld Participation: This user was involved in supporting Armorama's first showing at an event, the KMK ScaleWorld show in Geel, Belgium (2003).
KMK/Armorama Workshop #1: Users with this award participated in the first ever KMK/Armorama Workshop!
Motorcycle Mayhem: This award signifies this person completed the Motorcycle Mayhem Campaign.
On 2 wheels ribbon: This award signifies this person completed the On 2 wheels campaign
Operation Barbarosa: This award signifies this member completed the Operation Barbarosa armor campaign.
Operation Incoming: This ribbon signifies that bearer has completed the Incoming Campaign with honor and distinction.
Order of the Golden Rivet: Holders of this medal have been recognized by their piers as a 'User of the Month' for outstanding help and contributions to fellow users and the site.
OTEF Award: This award signifies this person completed On The Eastern Front Campaign by depicting vehicle or other item used from Molotov's Line to the wide fields of Soviet Union and back to Berlin: on the Eastern Front.
Remember Market Garden Campaign: A campaign dedicated to Operation Market Garden that took place in the Netherlands in September 1944.