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Interests: 1/48 scale as I inherited quite a few Bandai kits from my dad. Armor; WWII Russian Front
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My father was a model junkie of all scales, and he got me started when I was little (5 to 8 years old maybe?) doing some Monogram Snap-tite kits. Then at 8 years of age, I practiced the art of fireworks and BB gun marksmanship on those kits. When I was 25, he gave me his 1/48 unbuilt Bandai kits to get back to the hobby . This helped my mom clean out their closet space too ;) . He's more of a collector now, but we now talk often about the latest builds I'm doing and he answers many of my historical questions (he did teach history at one time). Modeling continues to mean something new to me over the years.

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