Istanbul, Turkey / Türkçe

Occupation: Supposingly Industrial Product Designer.
Interests: Drawing, cooking, stareing at TV doing nothing for hours.
USERNAME: JollyRoger


About JollyRoger
Born in 1979 Istanbul, still living, studying and working there. I got my modelling ispiration from my father who bought and built 1/72 airplanes of all eras for me when I was a kid. After he passed away I took the flag, didn't build any decent model till I was 18 though. Did nearly all sorts of static plastic models exept sail ships. I love AFV of all eras specially WW2 and I am fascinated by the German camoflages. I generally build figures nowadays just practicly because they are easier to maintain, I have lost too many airplanes, choppers and AFV to the cleaning staff in the past so I learned my lesson in splintered plastics. ...At last Graduated from University:]

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