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Occupation: former Autorack Loader/Unloader
Interests: Railroad and Bicycles


About KoSprueOne
Resident of the California Republic. Former subscriber to Military Modeler, published by Challenge Publications, Inc. When I have time away from the bench or this computer, we'll ride our bikes to the beach and kick back with a solar powered radio and listen to local low power broadcast. . . Bob

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B-A-T 3: Award for successful completion of Build A Tool 3
civilian award:
Engineering the Future: This award signifies this person completed the Engineering the Future Campaign.
Keep On Truckin' II: This award, once proudly displayed, signifies that this person has completed the
Military engineering ribbon: This award signifies that this person completed the military engineering campaign.
Minimize II Ribbon: The Minimize II ribbon is awarded for successful completion of at least one figure 40mm or smaller.
Rusty Award:
ShellofaMan: This campaign covered an armored suit theme.  It took it's inspiration from the Ma.K. SF3D kits.
SL&L Award: Award for completing the SL&L Campaign
Steel Wheels Ribbon:
T2K: 2005: This award signifies that the participant has completed all requirements for the Twilight 200: 2005 Defendo ad Ultimum campaign.
T54-55-62 Campaign: Anyone completing the campaign within the time frame and  campaign rules will receive this award. Only one award per person will given.
Welcome to the Nam Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies that this person sucessfully completed the Welcome to the Nam campaign.