Washington, United States

Occupation: Graphic Designer, Web Developer & Illustrator
Interests: Paint, Fine Arts
USERNAME: Mechforce


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All Hail The Abrams: This award signifies this person completed the All Hail the Abrams Campaign
Get The Job Done....Again: Awarded for completing their half finished projects in the allotted time. Well done!
Humming Along: This Award signifies this person met all requirements to complete the Humming Along campaign
Lets Get Small: Awarded for completing the Lets Get Small campaign, which was no small feat. Congratualrions on a job well done!
Mighty Wheels 2009: This award signifies this person completed the Mighty Wheels 2009 Campaign
Military engineering ribbon: This award signifies that this person completed the military engineering campaign.
UN peacekeepers Award: This ribbon was given to all that have completed the UN Peacekeepers Campaign. Congratulations!!