Indiana, United States

Occupation: Heavy Equipment Mechanic
Interests: History. WWI and WWII. Nature. Gardening. Motorsports. Sports. Science. Art. Physics(just for the humor)


About Mobious
Not alot is known about Mobious or where he comes from. Some scientist believe he is the creation of an experiment gone wrong, while others claim he arrived in the early 60's from another planet on the edges of the Milky Way galaxy. Eitherway, Model building has always been an enjoyment. Not much of a bolt counter. Enjoy viewing the efforts of others. Always have considered Model building as a learning experience, wether it be new techniques or research. Always a rewarding hobby with lots of freindly and helpful people willing to share.

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Bf 109 Campaign:
Fokker Vrs Camel: This ribbon shows that the person has complete His or Her build for the campaign
KotS III award: The holder of this award is known to have stayed the course to sweep all competition from the field. That the project that had laid unfinished is done. The inprogress build was completed and the new project was daringly accomplished.
La Marseillaise Ribbon: This ribbon was awarded for completion of the
Operation Market Garden: This award signifies this person completed the Operation Market Garden Campaign. They modelled on, against impossible odds!