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  Pest, Hungary

Occupation: Banking, Sales
Interests: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Running...
USERNAME: Ramanathan


About Ramanathan
As a father of two kids and being a very bad time-manager I call myself a modeller but lack the time to do some serious modelling. When I have some limited free time, I read some AFV related stuff or draw something, read a book - and over all eagerly wait the time when our son asks me to let him build a model :)

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France 1940 Ribbon: This award signifies that this builder has completed the France 1940 Campaign
Italian Campaign 43-45: This award signifies successful completion of the Italian Campaign.
Jeeps! Campaign: Campaign ribbon awarded for successful completion of the Jeeps! campaign.
Landship Campaign: This ribbon signifies that the bearer has completed the Landship Campaign
Tank Hunters Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies the successful completion of the Tank Hunters Campaign