No Regional Selection, Singapore / 新加坡

Occupation: Electronics Engineer
Interests: Scouting, Military History, Paintball and Airsoft
USERNAME: Scoutmaster


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Art of the Battlefield: This award signifies this person completed the
Braille Battlefield Award: This award signifies the person that receives it has completed the requirements of the Braille Battlefield Campaign. The symbolism of the award is that the 'BB' is not only an acronym for the campaign name but also a small weapon projectile; thereby small scale. The arrows represent unit movement as might appear on a military map.
Desertised, don' forget your water bottle: All those who finish the campaign within the rules and regs will receive this award. Only one award per person will be given.
GETTER DONE: This award signifies that this individual completed a shelved project.
Japanese Military:
Operation Fall Gelb 1940: This award signifies this person completed the Operation Fall Gelb 1940 Campaign
Pacific Award:
Railguns and Howitzers: Rail Guns and Howitzers Campaign
Shoooot Award:
Trouble in South-East Asia: This ribbon signifies that this member is a veteran of Vietnam Trouble in Southeast Asia campaign, a campaign honoring those who fought in one of the most widely publicized and controversial wars in modern hisotry.  Well done!