California, United States

Occupation: Firefighter
Interests: 1/48 WWII 1/35 WWII TD's,Spg's & Shermans 1/35 WWII Italian & NWE Campaign Dirt Bikes Shooting
USERNAME: Thundergrunt


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Escorts Award: Escorts Award ribbon will be, awarded to all participants that complete the campaign. 1 award only per participant no matter how many completed entries.
Official Campaign Ribbon: This ribbon signifies this builder has completed the MSW
Only Shermans: This ribbon is awarded to those that complete the Only Shermans Campaign!
Operation Commonwealth Thunder Ribbon.: This award signifies this person completed the Operation Commonwealth Thunder Campaign.
Order of Davey Jones: For those who have taken up the challenge to Dance with Davey Jones.
Panzers Return Campaign Award: This award signifies this person completed the Panzers Return Campaign.
Protection Award:
Ships of the Soviet Union: This award signifies this person undertook the challenge to build a ship of the Soviet Union. By earning this ribbon they finished their project on time.
What The Flak? Campaign Ribbon: