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About Totentanz45
I'm not the best at these things but here we go; I'm an avid (some say compulsive) history fan, fetishist of camouflage, tread-head, bibliophile, scratch-builder, lover of rust, admirer of grime and all around miscreant. When I'm not arguing about the aesthetic gracefulness of ping-pong balls and Yakult© bottles, I can be found collecting ideas for vignettes that'll never see the light of day. If you've made it this far and we ever meet I'll buy you a beer and show you the secret handshake. But on a more serious note I'm returning to the hobby after a lengthy hiatus and I love how spoiled we are as modellers. I mean don't get me wrong I come from the days when "aftermarket" consisted of sheet plastic, cardstock, Hilary Doyle renderings, bad language and wishing you were Shep Paine, but man-0-MAN are we lucky or what? We literally live in a gilded age where one can find some of the most esoteric subjects¹ and in injection molded plastic nonetheless! And reference books packed with so much information you can feel the author's anguish of having been threatened with divorce from the years of exhaustive research and cash spent going to former eastern block countries for that one picture of a MAN produced Panther Ausf.G (Late Production) that was equipped with a waterproof electrical connection box (like the type for a Bosch headlamp) on the starboard side of the turret's gun-mantlet² Oh and did you catch that new book by Michael Khunt TITled "Boobenfloppenschtoppin³" a treatise on the brassieres of the Waffen-SS Helferin? Talk about a real page turner! ¹ Back when the Ontos was released, I was really floored as it was an oddity rarely spoke about outside the Vietnam veterans or books on the TET sieges. Then we have multiple kits based on Stalin's unlicensed "Ford" trucks turned into various incarnations as needs arose. ². People like to pick on companies for making and remaking and re-re-remaking the Panzerkampfwagen VI Panther kits, but between Roddy MacDougall and Martin Block's excellent book 'Panther: External Appearance and Design Changes' and Canfora's Panther book and all these new Panther kits I for one cannot wait to get my booger-hooks (fingers in layman's terminology) on anyone of the excellent extruded styrene turds, and this is coming from a Sturmgeschützen and Jagdpanzer 38 (t) fanboy. ³.If you can't already tell I am a goofy fellow who loves a good laugh because as my Grandfather would say: Life is just too darn serious to be taken seriously. Besides we are grown humanoids playing with (let's be real, it's more like driving ourselves up the flippen wall) plastic, inhaling various toxins resin dust and glue) and spending more on aftermarket parts that cost more than the kit itself! And that last bit was aimed at myself.

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