Ohio, United States

Occupation: Research Administration
USERNAME: dutchboyinohio


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Airborne III Campaign Award: This award is given to those who succesfully finished Airborne III Campaign on Historicus Forma
Armored Wheeled Vehicles: This award signifies this person completed the
Battle of the Bocage: Battle of the Bocage award
Bayeux Award: This ribbon was awarded to each member completing at least one figure for Medieval Campaign
Braille Battlefield Award: This award signifies the person that receives it has completed the requirements of the Braille Battlefield Campaign. The symbolism of the award is that the 'BB' is not only an acronym for the campaign name but also a small weapon projectile; thereby small scale. The arrows represent unit movement as might appear on a military map.
Cross Of Jerusalem Award: This award signifies this person completed Crusades Campaign by building figure representing participant of any crusade  from Reconquista, through Holy Land to Teutonic campaigns and Hussite Wars.
Feisty Ferraris: This award ribbon signifies this user has completed the campaign Feisty Ferrari's.
Femininity Award: This award is given for making at least one figure in the Femininity Campaign on Historicus Forma.
Lets Get Small: Awarded for completing the Lets Get Small campaign, which was no small feat. Congratualrions on a job well done!
Matchbox Nostalgia Campaign Ribbon: The prestigious MNC ribbon will be awarded to those that successfully complete the campaign requirements.
Military Police: This award signifies this person completed the Military Police Campaign
Minimize III: The Minimize III ribbon is awarded for successful completion of at least one figure smaller than 1/35 scale.
Not Fighting Vehicles: Award given to those who finnished Not-Fighting Vehicles campaign.
Operation Market Garden: This award signifies this person completed the Operation Market Garden Campaign. They modelled on, against impossible odds!
Painting Those Troops Award: Awarded for bravery in the face of unpainted figures! The barer of this has performed figure-painting skills beyond the call of duty!
Strictly Out-of-the-Box: This award signifies this person completed the