Wisconsin, United States

Occupation: Production Supervisor/Graphic Artist
USERNAME: john17


About john17
A modeler off and on (as time permits) for over 20 years. By day I work for a Model Railroading company in Milwaukee, WI. By night you'll find me spending time with my wife and two boys...until they go to bed. Then it's off to the basement where I will work on figure painting, armor, planes, dioramas and the like. I find painting and weathering to be the most enjoyable part of the hobby. Always interested in new ways of getting the job done, and always willing to help those just starting out. Other hobbies include making hand crafted Native American style flutes.

My Awards

Dive!Dive!Dive! Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies that the bearer has successfully completed the Dive!Dive!Dive! Campaign dedicated to the brave men who served beneath the waves.

ppc08: This ribbon has given to those who entered thr pegaso Painting Competition 2008.
Pre-1900 Figure Campaign: This campaign was for figure subjects dating prior to 1900 and had two categories, 54mm and large scale (anything larger).