Ontario, Canada

Occupation: Management
Interests: modeling, home improvement projects
USERNAME: klimmer


About klimmer
I started building models when I was a kid. Always WW II aircraft, and brush painted. I gave up on the hobby for quite a few years ( 15-20 years ), but now I am back and enjoying it greatly. I build primarily 1/48 aircraft, but am going to try some different venues. I continue to try different techniques that I see to try and improve my skills.

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Battle for Europe: This award signifies this person has participated in the Battle for Europe.
Big Beautiful Bombers: Awarded for the succesful completion of the Big Beautiful Bombers campaign. Congratulations on a job well done!
Bombs Away !: The ribon signifies completion of campaign , one per person . for aircraft, diorama, figure,or ground support vehicle
Close Air Support award: This award signifies this person completed the Close Air Support campaign
Dive Bomber Award!: This award signifies this person completed the Dive Bomber! Campaign
Duel in the Sky Award: The ribbon will be awarded to every couple of participants who will manage to complete the models of two opponent planes. No ribbon will be given to single entries... so take off and go searching for an opponent!
Hangar Queen 2 Award: This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale
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