England - East Midlands, United Kingdom

Occupation: Touring Lighting Technician
Interests: Travel,WW2,F1,Music
USERNAME: lampie


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Restarted modelling in late 2005 after a break of over 20 years.Built a lot of armour as a teenager but now concentrating on WW2 aircraft. Some skills are coming straight back to me and Im learning new ones everytime I log on to this site it seems.

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56th FG Zemke's Wolpack 2016: This ribbon signifies the completion of a build for the 56th FG Zemke's Wolpack 2016 Aeroscale Group Build.
Aces High 2: The awards signifies that this person completed the Aces High 2 Campaign.
Aces High Campaign Ribbon.: This award sigifies this person completed the Aces High Campaign on Aeroscale 2008.
Battle for Europe: This award signifies this person has participated in the Battle for Europe.
Best of British Campaign Ribbon:
Between the Wars Wings: This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale Between the Wars  Campaign
Cave Tonitrum: This award signifies this person completed the 2009 P-47 group build Cave Tonitrum
Duel in the Sky Award: The ribbon will be awarded to every couple of participants who will manage to complete the models of two opponent planes. No ribbon will be given to single entries... so take off and go searching for an opponent!
EggPlanes Award: This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale
Fighters Under The Midnight Sun:
get the job done:
P-47 SIG Group Build 2013: This award was presented to those who completed their build for the 2013 P-47 SIG Group Build
P-51 Campaign: This ribbon shows that the individual completed the Campaign
Pimp a ride:
PIN-UP Campaign ribbon: This award signifies this person completed the PIN-UP Campaign
Red Star Award:
Ribbon for complete entry:
Show you Teeth Award: This award signifies this person completed the
SOSIG Campaign 2020 award: This award signifies that the recipient has successfully completed the 2020 P-47 Heaven Save Our SIG Campaign
Suez Stripes: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y3/polarbear500/SuezStripes50awardsuggestionrealgol.jpg
The Kitmaker Network Staff Challenge 2009: This ribbon signifies that this member, a serving Kitmaker Staff member at the time, successfully completed the Kitmaker Network Staff Challenge 2009.
The Mighty Eight:
twin Spinner Award:
Wheels: Move It Again! Ribbon: This award signifies that this member has completed and entered at least one entry for the Wheels campaign.
Winner of the vote for Vietnam ribbon: