Stockholm, Sweden

Occupation: Self-employed mechanical engineer
Interests: Anything aviation, road and MTB cycling, jazz music (trumpet!!), photography
USERNAME: magnusf


About magnusf
It all started with a Biggles book, one of those where he is a flying policeman... He flew an Auster of some kind. Later that year, this was in 1982 when I was 10, I got the Airfix Series 1 Auster for Christmas. Since then modelling has been my interest. It has survived RC flying, flying full scale gliders and quite a few other interests as well, all of which I don't do any longer. With a family (wife and two daughters), a house, running my own consultancy business and cramming in both road- and MTB-cycling into the scheme there isn't that much time for modelling but I try to do a bit every day (evening!). One of the great advantages of moving to a house was getting my own modelling corner. My wife has christened it "the sty".

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Aces High Campaign Ribbon.: This award sigifies this person completed the Aces High Campaign on Aeroscale 2008.
Battle for Europe: This award signifies this person has participated in the Battle for Europe.
Battle of Britain 80 Campaign Award: This award signifies that the recipient has successfully completed the Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Campaign.
Bye, Bye Baby Award: This award signifies this person completed the
Ronnie RAAF Ribbon : This marvellous award shows that the recipient has indeed lived up to the RAAF motto,
Small is Beautiful: This award signifies this person completed the Small is Beautiful Campaign
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Swing-wing 2008 Award: This award signifies this person completed the Swing-wing 2008 campaign
Twin seater: This award signifies this person completed the Twin Seater Campaign
[IMG] This award signifies that this person completed the Paparazzi Club campaign - an Aeroscale campaign dedicated to the photo reconnaissance aircraft and their brave pilots; often alone and unarmed on missions deep into enemy territory. The modeller has built both the aircraft and the camera. The ribbon is shaped as a roll of film and the colours are PRU blue, PRU Pink and PRU Mauve.