Maryland, United States

Occupation: Retired disabled
Interests: Reading Gothic horror Studying the Occult & Magic Caretaker of Bulldogs
USERNAME: panzerman1


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Ancient Airfix: Modellers who complete their model within the time period of the campaign will be awarded the Ancient Airfix ribbon
Funnies Award:
Hourglass Award: Hourglass award is given for completing at least one figure for Through the Ages Campaign
Landship Campaign: This ribbon signifies that the bearer has completed the Landship Campaign
Launchers Award:
Matchbox AFV Nostalgia: This award signifies completion of the Matchbox AFV Nostalgia II Campaign
Night Fighter campaign ribbon: A night fighter catches his prey on his radar scope and prepares to attack.
Sheperd Paine Tribute: An award for those completing the Sheperd Paine commemorative campaign.
Tank Destroyer Campaign Award: this award certifies that the wearer has completed a tank destroyer during this campaign.