Quebec, Canada

Interests: Military and Sci-fi modelling, Computer games, Reading, Playing Guitar
USERNAME: roteck


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B-A-T 3: Award for successful completion of Build A Tool 3
BigGuns Award: Winning this award signifies that you completed the Big Guns Campaign.
Hot out of the Molds I ribbon:
Ma.K. 2015: This ribbon has been awarded to you for completing the Maschinen Krieger/Zbv3000 2015 campaign.  Congratulations!
Star Wars: This award signifies that this person has completed the Star Wars Campaign
Tool award: This award signifies this person completed the
 Build-a-Tool Campaign
UN Campaign Award: To get this one you must complete the UN Campaign
Unfinished Business: Get this award by completing the Unfinished Business Campaign .
Unfinished Business 2015:
What The Flak? Campaign Ribbon: