Distrito Federal, Mexico

Interests: Armour & Figures specially WWII, Vietnam, Gulf War all in 1/35 scale, Philately and Jimi Hendrix Music
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My first model was a gift of my mother I remember a B-24 Libertator- scale 1/72 in 1970 when I was 10 years old, but I was not able to continue with this because of lack of information. In 1990 I built some Tamiya tanks but because of this same lack of information I was not able to continue (expertise selfish people did not use to share their knowledge with others). I really started to built in April/2001 and obtained help by observing some works into Internet and by buying magazines and cd's to answer my doubts. I created my own page in June/2001 about references and Militar models. I really enjoy this nice hobby!! Rodolfo - (Mexico City)

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Armored Car Campaign Award: This award is given to all those who bravely complete the Armored Car Campaign
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HT Ribbon: This ribbon is awarded to all those valiant modelers who have completed a halftrack for the Tracking Halfway: Halftracks! Campaign.
Meow Campaign: Iron cross 2nd class ribbon with a black cat on the center red section
Night Stalkers:
OTEF Award: This award signifies this person completed On The Eastern Front Campaign by depicting vehicle or other item used from Molotov's Line to the wide fields of Soviet Union and back to Berlin: on the Eastern Front.
Panzers Return Campaign Award: This award signifies this person completed the Panzers Return Campaign.
Stalingrad Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies that the campaign member has successfully completed the Bury my Heart at Stalingrad Campaign.
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